Update: This post is now outdated and replaced by a new post with more details on the Instagram changes - https://crowdfire.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000718096-what-happened-to-the-other-instagram-features-on-crowdfire-

On June 1, 2016, Instagram will be rolling out changes to its policy that would apply for all third party products including Crowdfire.

Hence, after June 1, 2016, you would see the below changes:

1. No more Copy Followers on Instagram: None of the apps including Crowdfire can provide this feature for Instagram users anymore.

2. Paid only Instagram integration: Crowdfire users on the Pluto, Earth, Neptune and Jupiter plans only will be able to use our Instagram integration. So if you aren’t an upgraded user then we request you to upgrade right away before the June 1st deadline.

To sum things up, post June 1, 2016 paying Crowdfire customers would be able to access the following features while free users will not be able to use any Instagram features:

  1. Publish (schedule and get reminded to post your Instagram images at the right time.
  2. Non Followers
  3. Fans
  4. Recent Followers
  5. Recent Unfollowers
  6. All Following (web only, coming soon to mobile)
  7. Friend Check
  8. Admirers (mobile only, coming soon to web)

We urge you to upgrade to the paid plans before June 1, 2016 to continue making the best use of Instagram for your business.