We're aware of an issue affecting the ability to publish to Instagram from Crowdfire.

When you receive a reminder from Crowdfire to publish a post to Instagram, the image is not being carried forward from Crowdfire to Instagram when you choose your feed as the destination of your post.

This is happening because Instagram has made some changes to the way a post is published, by introducing additional Story & Feed options to choose from. However, the Instagram API that apps like Crowdfire use to bring the publish feature to you, are currently not updated by Instagram. This is being faced by all apps that use the Instagram API.

We're working hard on possible solutions for this but we expect it to take time because we'll first need Instagram to update the API. We hope Instagram will update it's API soon enough for us to be able to fix the issue.

In the meanwhile, the good news is that while posting to your feed is giving an issue, posting to a story is now possible.