While scheduling and posting works the same way for other social accounts, posting to Instagram works a little differently on third-party apps like Crowdfire.

Instagram's API has some restrictions, one of which is that it doesn't allow third-party apps to post on a user's behalf.

So when you schedule a post, Crowdfire reminds you about it with a notification on your phone, opens the Instagram app and copies your caption to the clipboard. All you have to do is paste the caption and post!

We'd love to be able to post directly to your Instagram, but due to a API restriction on Instagram's end, there is no way to post automatically to Instagram at the moment. Very recently, you might have heard that Instagram made some changes to their API allowing third-party apps to post directly to Instagram.

This functionality is currently available only to Instagram and Facebook partners and at Crowdfire we are already in talks with Instagram about this.
Watch this space for an update!

Also, to post to Instagram - you need to have the latest versions of Crowdfire and Instagram apps installed on your mobile.

Note: Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags in one post and that there is an overall character limit of 2200 characters. Exceeding any of these limits can be a reason why your content fails to be uploaded.