Keyword Search lets you follow accounts tweeting about a particular hashtag or keyword. You can also narrow your search by adding a location filter.

Use this feature to target a specific user base to grow your account and gain relevant followers.

Where do I find the Keyword Search feature?
You'll find your Keyword Search within the Manage tab on Crowdfire. The Manage tab is situated on the top bar (web app) or the bottom bar (phone app)

How to use:

  1. Click on Manage on the top bar (web app) or bottom bar (phone app)
  2. Select the Keyword Search feature
  3. Click the green button which says Let’s start by adding keywords
  4. Type in the hashtag or keyword of your choice, add a location tag to narrow down by location if you want. Select Add.
  5. Select Done. You’ll now be able to see all the accounts using that particular hashtag or keyword.
  6. You can choose to Follow or Blacklist them. You also have the option of directly tweeting out to these accounts by using the Reply button.