Whitelist is a list of people you never want to unfollow, even if they unfollow you. These could be celebrities, organizations, social media gurus or just about anybody whose tweets and photos you'd prefer to always see. If you add someone to the whitelist, we'll never show that person as a suggestion for you to unfollow.

Where do I find the Whitelist feature for my Twitter account?

You'll find the Whitelist feature within the Manage tab on Crowdfire. The Manage tab is situated on the top bar (web app) or the bottom bar (phone app)

How to use:

  1. Log into Crowdfire
  2. Click on Manage on the top bar (web app) or bottom bar (phone app)
  3. Click on Whitelist
  4. Type in the account's handle you want to whitelist and click on the green Add button

Done! That account will be whitelisted and Crowdfire will never ask you to unfollow them :)