The Grid View feature on Crowdfire acts as an Instagram feed planner on your desktop via Crowdfire.

When you schedule a post via Crowdfire, you’d be able to see how it would look on your Instagram feed.

Who can access it? 

If you've got access to the calendar view feature or you've subscribed to any of these 3 Crowdfire plans -  Premium, VIP, or Business you will have access to Crowdfire's grid view feature on the web app. 

How can I  access it? 

1. Log in to on your laptop/ desktop browser.

2. Go to the Scheduling tab.

3. Select your Instagram account.

4. Then tap the “Calendar View” option.

5. Now, tap the “Grid View” option.

6. That is it! You will see all your scheduled Instagram posts here -


The Grid View feature is currently only available on the web app.
Also, it is only available for your Instagram photos that you schedule via Crowdfire ( Not videos or GIFs)